Sensei Etienne's 6 rules for competition readiness
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Sensei Etienne's 6 rules for competition readiness


Before you even think of competing you need to be "Fighting fit", following programs like my competition training program will help. You should undoubtly be able to handle at least double the number of rounds you will be competing in. i.e if you are going to be fighting 5 rounds, you then need to train for 10 rounds fight.


Train your reflexes, to respond to your opponents move and attacks. It makes your fight so much easier when you don't have to think about what to do, but rather rely on reflexes. "Your opponent attacks, you make them pay, immediately!"


With perfect balance, you optimise your strikes and defenses.


With a good posture you would be able to see your opponents feet without looking at their feet. This enables you to work on reflex, as soon as your eye picks something up, you can react accordingly. With a bad posture, you are certain to have a tough fight. i.e. if your head is buried and you just looking at your opponents feet, you are not going to see their hands. Or if your chin is high, it is going to make for an easy target to knock you out.


Taking all your drills, and by enhancing your co-ordination, you must be able to make your combinations flow into each other. I often see a fighter do hand combinations...stops.... and then switches to feet combinations. You must work your co-ordination to put your hand work and foot work all together, i.e strike with the hands, while throwing or setting up your kicks or vice versa.

Self confidence:

 This is where you put all your skills, and by self evaluation, build the confidence to know what you are capable of doing and to execute it accordingly. You need to say to yourself, I CAN do it MY way. I will fight MY fight, not my opponents fight, and I WILL WIN or BEAT them.

You might not be confident now, maybe not even in a month or 2 or 6 months time. But, you will build your confidence, and you will know when you are ready.



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