3 Truths about Fighting
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When you are about to commence in training or in the study of Kickboxing, let me leave you with something to think about:

1. Many of the techniques you will learn may seem basic, but it is how you use them that determine how advanced you are. Most kickboxing matches are won with good basic techniques, coupled with superior knowledge of how to apply them. It should be understood that the word basic is not synonymous with the word beginning. Basic refers to the techniques that make up your foundation. An example is the lead jab. the jab itself may seem like a very simple technique; however, it has a dozen applications. And, if used to it's fullest, it is one of the most crucial techniques in kickboxing. Just look at the sport of boxing to see that the greatest hand art in the world is comprised of only four techniques: the jab, the rear cross, the hook, and the uppercut. This is the first truth about fighting.

2. The second truth is that good mechanics in the basics will do little for you, unless you apply the mental aspects of the fight, adapt instantly, and use hairline precision in the execution of your moves.

3. The third truth about fighting is that a tired fighter is a beaten fighter. Stop right now and take a moment to commit yourself to a disciplined training regimen.

I hope to see you in the ring someday. Don't worry, I'll know who you are. You'll be in great shape, full of confidence and skill. You'll be that fighter with his hands raised high in vistory.


Credits: Martina Sprague and Keith Livingston.


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