Tips on fire safety at home
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  • Try install smoke detectors in your bedrooms, and have a fire extinguisher right next to your bed. (It also makes for a good self defence weapon)
  • Always sleep with the bedroom doors closed. This will keep deadly heat and smoke out of bedrooms, giving you additional time to escape.
  • Find a way for everyone to sound a family alarm, yelling, pounding on walls, whistles, etc. Practice yelling "FIRE!"
  • Have a "mock" fire drill with your family at least once a year.
  • In a fire, time is critical. Don't waste time getting dress, don't search for pets or valuables. Just get out!
  • Roll out of bed. Stay low. One breath of smoke or gases may be enough to kill.
  • Educate your children by taking them to the local Fire Department and let them tell your kids what to do in case of an emergency. Sometimes, our kids are actually more calm than us in emergencies.

Feel all the doors and knobs before opening them. If a door is hot, get out another way.

Fires are for real, ask me, our house burned down in 2006.


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