Choosing self defence courses
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I have often attended self defence courses, and find myself walking out during the introductions already. Why? very often the instructor uses the absolutes "always" and "never". These can be dangerous words.

"An assailant with a knife would never attack like that", "A strong punch here will always drop an attacker", "Nine out of ten fights always go to the ground".

I often wonder how the speaker knows of these things. Were there studies done? Did someone compile statistics? Even if there was, there is no way to predict future fights. Now, what is bad about thesecommonly heard claims? For one, they are not always true.

It is dangerous to have these claims ingrained into your mind because they can cause you to train in a certain way - a limited way. This could come back and bite you big time.

I always get a kick out of this one, "A trained knife fighter would never attack you that way". In many peoples experience, who have been attacked by shards of glass, boards with nails protrudingfrom an end, table leg with a screw sticking out, sharpened sticks, screwdrivers and knives of every make and style. Not one of these wielders, attackers were trained in ways of combat with these weapons, yet they are still DANGEROUS.

Very often you have to do something which is not taught "conventionally" at schools to come out a survivor, these can be from pulling hair to biting your assailant. I hope you get the message here.

It makes sense, therefore, to practice in as amany ways as your imagination can conjure, and then some. Just don't let anyone ever tell you, "A guy with a gun would never do that." Should you hear that, say to the person, "Just in case, let's practice it anyway." Hey, it's your life you have to defend.


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