300 SPARTAN for Powa Warriors   During some research work for training programs I stumbled on the following program and tried it. It was super and very challenging. Wh...

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Sensei Etienne's 6 rules for competition readiness

Sensei Etienne's 6 rules for competition readiness Fitness: Before you even think of competing you need to be "Fighting fit", following programs like my competition tra...

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Kick ass kicker

Watch how this guy throws kicks from any angle and at any time. Great stuff! Very good.

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3 Truths about Fighting

When you are about to commence in training or in the study of Kickboxing, let me leave you with something to think about: 1. Many of the techniques you will learn may seem basic, ...

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Tips on fire safety at home

Try install smoke detectors in your bedrooms, and have a fire extinguisher right next to your bed. (It also makes for a good self defence weapon) Always sleep with the b...

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WTKA World Championships and Martial Marathon

28 - 31 October 2010 Read the pdf article here.

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Choosing self defence courses

I have often attended self defence courses, and find myself walking out during the introductions already. Why? very often the instructor uses the absolutes "always" and "never". Th...

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Age and Competitions

I just watched UFC 102, and I was gob smacked by the heart and fight spirit of Randy Couture who stood his ground and escaped almost 3 submission holds from Minotauro Nogueira. ...

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